Just how popular is Chen Bo Lin in Taiwan? He played the character Li Da Ren in the hit series In Time With You and won the hearts of women everywhere. The 29-year-old actor became an overnight sensation. He has a new movie coming out called Transform. Check out the video interview and translation below! Chen Bo Lin: I Don't Need to Save the World Question: You're playing a super hero in your new film, have you ever thought about saving the world? Chen: An actor just needs to play his role, and to be really convincing. Once you do that, the people will be watching. [in terms of being a super hero] I've never really thought about it. It seems too complicated for me, I'd rather just be a normal person. Seems like being a super hero would be much too much responsibility for me. That needs to be someone else. Question: Do you feel awkward in the costumes you wore for this film? Chen: Well, I would normally expect to see these outfits during Halloween. I felt like I've been in Halloween for two months now. It wasn't that tight or uncomfortable actually, it was a stretchy material plus some armor on the outside. I don't feel too awkward, someone else has an even more awkward outfit than me. Question: Have you thought about your next move after being so successful? Chen: No matter what, we have to keep looking forward. There must be... somewhere in the world that you are needed. Maybe right now this isn't the stage that needs you, maybe it's somewhere else. I feel like it's important to stay positive and go with the flow. Question: Do you feel more pressure now that you've received a Golden Bell Award? Chen: Not necessarily. It's an unexpected acknowledgment and reward, but it wasn't something I felt I needed to have. I love to act, so that was a great bonus. Question: Do you feel type-cast by the character Li Da Ren? Chen: I feel like it's great to have been such a memorable character and don't feel I need to distance myself completely from that. Every character, and every project that I work on is a great experience. (source: www.memag.com.tw)