Actress Chen Qiao-En, from Stay With Me and Fated to Love You, has often been linked with her leading co-star in real life romances. However, the beautiful actress says she is too busy to date, even when she was recently rumored to be dating Wang Kai, one of China's hottest leading men. How busy is she?

The 37-year-old actress is often grouped into the category of "Leftover Women," a not-very-nice term coined by Chinese-language media to describe actresses and even women in general who are over thirty but are still single. (Popular leading men, however, suffer a different expectation from fans who don't want them to marry.)

The only confirmed romance for Chen Qiao-En was actually with Wallace Huo (Imperial Doctress), who had acknowledged Chen as his first girlfriend. They broke up a long time ago after starring in 100% Senorita. When they co-starred again in the 2013 martial arts romance, Swordsman, fans who hoped for a reunion were ultimately disappointed. Wallace is now happily married to Ruby Lin (My Fair Princess) after a friendship that lasted over 10 years, and they just welcomed their new baby.

As for Chen Qiao-En, she is happily enjoying her freedom. 

Her Stay With Me co-star, Wang Kai, has defended her single status and said, "The love that belongs to her will come sooner or later."

She is also too busy to date.

How busy is Chen Qiao-En?

She says she is working 350 days a year, that's why she has no time to date.

Apparently she is not worried, and her family and close friends won't mention the topic to pressure her, either.

She adds, "It's not the fated time yet." 

She just had a happy ending in Stay With Me, and now you can see her in Candle in the Tomb, which, by the way, stars another handsome leading man, Jin Dong.


Candle in the Tomb - 鬼吹灯之精绝古城

Starring Joe (Qiao En) Chen and Jin Dong

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