cheongdamdongalice All good things must come to an end, blah blah, but we're particularly  sad about the end of Cheongdamdong Alice because that means no more Park Shi Hoo and So Yi Hyun...for now, at least. Helping to mitigate our tears was an adorable picture uploaded by Shi Hoo, depicting him and co-star snuggled up real close, leaving many to speculate (as they should!). Especially because he's got his arm wrapped tightly around her. Park Shi Hoo wrote on his Twitter, "It's sad that it's already over. We're having fun celebrating the ending of "Cheong Alice."  Fun?  Not to be melodramatic, but there's nothing fun about this series coming to a close.  Still, that picture is hard not to smile at. Did you catch the dude behind them? What is he doing?