url-8 In the midst of rising concern over rape accusations against actor Park Shi Hoo, netizens are expressing their support for Park and that they “believe Park Shi Hoo.” On Monday, Park was charged with allegedly raping a woman (referred to as Trainee A) whom he met through a mutual friend for drinks. Park released a formal statement shortly after. Park stated that “while it is true we met through a mutual friend at a bar, there was mutual interest as man and woman and all relations we had were consensual and I did not force anything.” He continued that “I have nothing to hide surrounding the accusations and this will be revealed upon further investigation” and to “please be patient and give us time.” All accusations aside, Park has expressed through representatives his “deepest apologies to the fans who have given everlasting faith and love over the years. To prove his innocence, [he] will do all he can to help police with their investigation.” Following his rise in popularity after his starring role in the drama “Cheongdamdong Alice,” fans are becoming increasingly upset with the news. In the midst of netizens weighing out each side of the case, there is rising support for Park with comments such as they “believe Park Shi Hoo,” and “We must wait for further investigation and a decision is made.” A lawsuit was filed against Park on the 18th at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for allegedly raping Trainee A, a crime punishable on the grounds of sexual abuse under the Crime Victim Protection Act. Currently, Park’s contract with Eyagi Entertainment has expired. For more on this developing story, please see our other stories here. [Source: Asia Economy Daily]