Along with the economy, the chewing gum industry in Japan has not been doing so well in recent years. These poor sales, according to scientific researchers, are directly related to an increase in the prevalence of... smartphones!

Breaking news brought to you by the Japan Chewing Gum Association. Actually, the fact that such an association existed in the first place maybe should have been breaking news too. This body of chewing gum officials wanted to understand why sales of chewing gum had declined so drastically in the last few years, and after some serious research, came out with their conclusion.

Because of the incessant use of smartphones, they claim, nobody chews gum anymore. According to gum officials, people used to chew gum because they were bored, or they just needed something to do to keep them occupied while they were on their commute or waiting for a friend in public. And now, as long as people have smartphones in their hands, there's always something to do, and there is no need to chew gum!

This study is interesting on a number of levels. There may be some truth to this explanation, but for this alone to be the reason behind the decline in chewing gum sales seems a little improbable. I, personally, have never chewed gum simply out of boredom, but that's just me. Who knows? I'm no scientist, nor do I belong to the prestigious Japan Chewing Gum Association.

Now the chewing gum industry is focusing their target on people with no smartphones who have bad breath.

Just kidding.

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