The entertainment industry agrees that Lee Hyun Woo was adorable. The former child star feels right at home in front of a camera, and his precious moments have all been captured along the way. On the tvN program List of Names 2015, Lee was featured in a list of actors in their 20s who starred in dramas. Childhood photos of the young Moorim School actor were revealed to the public, while the show talked about him being known for his attractive appearance. He was even offered a role in God of Study!

"Everyone tells me I look good and that my acting has improved," he said in a past interview. Lee has been part of the South Korean entertainment industry since 2005. With over twenty productions under his belt, he has already become a veteran!

You can watch the now grown up and very handsome 22-year-old actor every week in Moorim School on DramaFever.

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