Imagine that your only option is to marry a person who is an only child. Doesn't sound too fun, does it? After much debate, China has been loosening its one-child policy. Recently, five regions in the country, including Shanghai, have implemented a new family planning protocol where couples can have two children as long as one of the parents does not have any siblings. The change in child birth stipulations is good for some, but presents another dilemma for those looking to have two children. Eligible partners who are only children may be in higher demand and, therefore, harder to find.

Tan Yudan, a 25-year-old, said of the new policy, "It does open up a legal pathway to a second child, but if I want to have two kids, I can only marry a man who is an only child or someone belonging to a minority. This limits my dating options by more than 50%.”

There are no official records of how many people in China have no siblings, but according to the 2010 census, the number of women who have had more than one child is roughly one third. Government officials have hinted at the fact that there will still be an exception to these rules for people who live in rural areas.