Construction is underway for a life-size Titanic replica attraction in a resort in Sichuan Province, complete with simulations of the collision with the iceberg and the subsequent sinking of the ship. Overlooked by a veteran Hollywood producer and production designer, the ambitious project is scheduled for completion by late 2017.

The Mediterranean-themed Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort is currently being built along the Qijiang River, funded in part by the local government, in hopes of attracting tourists to Daying County in the Sichuan Province,. Not only will the resort feature a man-made beach and replicas of European castles, the main attraction will be a life-size replica of the legendary passenger ship Titanic, measuring 269 meters (882 ft) long by 28 meters (92 ft) wide. The ship will be landlocked in a reservoir along the river, where visitors can tour reproduced features like the ballroom, theater, swimming pool and rooms. The project officially started more than two years ago, but the actual building has only recently begun.  “After the RMS Titanic sank, nobody saw its complete set of blueprints,” said Su Shaojun, one of the financiers. “Many blueprint fragments found their way into the hands of collectors or remained missing. We spent many years collecting the blueprints from many parts of the world and managed to obtain most of them.” 

So obviously, this is a very big undertaking. Already having exceeded the initial budget of one billion yuan, which is about 134 million dollars, construction has only begun. The attraction is slated to have a simulation of the doomed ship's collision with the iceberg and tragic sinking, which is sure to cost crazy amounts of money. So it may take quite a while to make back the investment money, but if all goes according to plan, the Titanic attraction at the Seven Star International Cultural Tourism Resort is sure to become a destination for millions of people around the world.


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