20121214103510480 From her debut late last year until now, China's newest pop sensation NAMIGIRL has been hitting the charts hard. Pint-sized in figure but ferocious in attitude and girl power, KINGWANG label's newest starlet can rap, sing, and dance like no other Chinese songstress before. Hailed a revolution in C-pop for her unique music and style, NAMIGIRL with her androgynous clothing and bright hair is a vibrant twist on the usually conservative and broody Chinese music scene. After training for four years, NAMIGIRL has finally stepped out for her grand debut this year. Her first album, entitled NLEADER, is described by critics as "a combination of styles including hip hop, rap, and electronic dubstep to create a brand new sound." Check out the title track, composed by JTOWN: What do you think? Is C-pop taking a brand new turn?