Vogue China launched the 10-year Anniversary edition of its magazine by gathering 10 of China's top stars together for the cover titled "The Golden Era."

The women who appear on the cover — all clad in shades of white and gold — are actresses Li Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun, Carina Lau, Fan Bingbing and Tang Wei, singer Chris Lee, director and actress Vicki Zhao, and models Du Juan and Liu Wen. Mario Testino shot the cover in New York in May and it marks the first time that this roll call of Chinese stars has been photographed together.

Angelica Cheung, editorial director of Vogue China, said these stars were chosen because, “They’re beautiful, stylish, but at the same time are also people of achievement -- golden age of Hollywood…with a modern touch.”

The shoot has something of a timeless feel, featuring accoutrements from every era, including disco-y gold lamé, Veronica Lake-worthy finger waves, androgynous suits, and futuristic bobs — and that's only the tip of the iceberg. All the stars have been on Vogue cover before so you can see their glories. 

1. Zhao Wei from Tiger Mom

2. Fan Bing Bing from Flash Point

3. Tang Wei from Finding Mr Right

4. Zhang Zi Yi

5. Li Bing Bing

6. Zhou Xun

7 Liu Jia Ling (Carina Lau)

Aren't they lovely? 

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