In the April edition of Harper’s Bazaar China, Chinese actress Li Bingbing posed alongside a leopard, Hyacinth macaw, and some Tibetan antelopes and African elephants to create a stunning photoshoot, and it’s all for a great cause.

The inspiration behind Li Bingbing’s latest photoshoot was “Go Wild for Life”, this year’s theme for World Environment Day (June 5). But this isn’t a one-time photoshoot gimmick concept for the 44-year-old star. As a high-profile celebrity in China with work in the mainland (The Knot, The Forbidden Kingdom) and Hollywood (Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Resident Evil: Retribution), she uses her fame to help highlight causes close to her heart. In this pictorial’s case: protecting wildlife habitat. As a United Nation Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador, she says that illegal trade in wildlife is just one of the many concerns she has regarding the environment, according to a speech she made at the UN Climate Summit in 2014.

The fashion spread is wildly beautiful, and the reason behind the pictures, even more so.

Check out the photo set below!

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Image credit: Harper's Bazaar by ChenMan


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