People who are crazy for exotic Chinese character tattoos may think twice, even multiple times, about going under the needle after hearing about this. These tattoos were so bad that the artist responsible was actually arrested!

If someone is not familiar with Chinese, they may end up with the wrong characters permanently engraved on their skin. In Brazil, a Vietnamese tattoo artist, who does not know the Chinese language, has been tattooing the wrong Chinese characters on his customers.

His errors are simply way off. There is no logical reasoning for what customers ended up with.

For example, a woman wanted "You become responsible forever for what you tame," and got "Chicken Noodle Soup," as shown in our top photo.

Another woman wanted "Fire, Strength, Faith" and got "Thailand Church Tree".

In this photo, a man wanted, "God loves people," but got "Pullman Influence Slut," which is grossly incomprehensible.

Needless to say, this tattoo artists has been arrested by the Sao Paulo police. There is no report on what his customers are doing about their bad tattoos.