The Netherlands-based space tourism firm Space Expedition Corporation, or SXC, has signed an agreement with Dexo Travel, a domestic travel agency, to take Chinese citizens to space. Zhang Yong, chief executive officer of Dexo Travel, stated, “Going into space is no longer just for billionaires.” Good call Mr. Zhang, but what is the price tag for a tourist to have this space exhibition?

Only a minimum of $95,000! Sorry people, in other words, you still have to be rich.

Essentially, the trip consists of shooting out of our atmosphere for about 5 minutes, getting about 6 minutes to take in the breathtaking view, and then having 6 more minutes to experience weightlessness. According to Zhang Yong, the trip lasts about an hour, so who knows what other goodness the rest of the trip holds.

Yeah, it is a hefty price tag, but I suppose it is still better than the $200,000 price tag for a single space trip in 2011. So go ahead and put this on your 2014 wish list, but only if you're at least a little rich.