There has to come a point in time when we can all agree that there are certain situations where you don't pose for photographs. And I hope that "during an invasive surgery" is at the top of the list. 

But don't tell that to a group of Chinese surgeons in Xi'an, China who have recently come under fire for taking a series of group shots during a patient surgery. The photos show the doctors clearly in the middle of a surgery, posing and making "V" signs for the camera. 

The pictures are reportedly from a hospital in Xi'an, and, as you might have predicted, as soon as they were uploaded on Weibo, controversy started. Netizens had a lot of things to say about the questionable pictures:

"The worst thing in this is that the patient is still on the table. If it were you people taking a photo at work while on break, then it wouldn’t have been a big deal!"

"Is this using a person’s life to “show off'? Talk about no medical ethics at all! How can they be fit to be doctors at all!"

"Hospitals are not for treating people, but to make money."

UPDATE: It's important to point out that a few days after the photos were posted, it was reported that the patient in the pictures had consented to be in them. Patient Bai Wenhai had let the doctors take the picture since they worked so hard to save his leg, and he's surprised that the doctors have come under so much criticism from hospital staff and netizens. The news begs an interesting question, do you think the patient agreeing to the selfies makes them ok? 

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