If you are rubbing your eyes after reading that title, we totally understand. Ever since the upcoming Chinese film Heirs From The Stars was announced, it has come under much ridicule, but the film's director refuted the allegations of plagiarism and said the premise of the story was created long before hit shows Heirs and My Love From Another Star. Tell us what you think when you see the posters and the preview video.

The synopsis of Heirs From The Stars is about a prince during China's Qing Dynasty who made a promise to his true love that he would follow her in the next life. He then finds himself in modern times 300 years later, as an heir to a conglomerate. The plot certainly sounds very close to elements from both Heirs, starring Lee Min Ho, and My Love From Another Star, starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun.

Not only is this movie causing concern and curiosity in Korea due to the similarities, it has also caused consternation among fans in China, where the two Korean dramas were extremely popular and helped the stars of the shows gain a huge following. Chinese netizens have expressed their derision by making such hilarious comments as, "Why not make a film about Heirs From Another Star's Full House stepping down Heaven's Staircase with Autumn In My Heart and climbing up to the rooftop in Rooftop Prince to meet Men Of The Bath House at Soonpoong Clinic?"   

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Although it's true that many idol dramas from Korea, Taiwan, and China contain similar and cliche elements, this new film, coming on the heels of Heirs and My Love From Another Star, seems to contain a mishmash of plot elements from the two shows. However, the film's director, Kang Jo Han, said on September 16, "The scenario for the film was decided on before the two Korean dramas were aired." He also said, "The title was chosen solely for commercial purposes."

Here is the preview video for Heirs From The Stars. Because it is in Chinese, I am including my translation here first:

Male voice: Believe me. There will be a next life.

Female voice: I believe....He told me, that there will be a next life.

The new film is going to be broadcast on Chinese online film platform iQYI on September 19.

What do you think? Plagiarism or simply coincidence? Would you watch Heirs From The Stars?

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