As featured here in the past, Love Live! fans, or Love Livers, as they're called, just may be the most fanatical in the history of idol fans. The Japanese fans are crazy-in-love, but the Chinese fans may have them beat.

Some photos have surfaced from China, where Love Live! fever has caught on. Prior to these photos, the Japanese faithful of this multi-media idol group laid the claim to being the most loyal and fanatical. But it now seems they may have to step aside. Making the rounds on Japanese Twitter feeds and other relevant sites, these photos of Chinese fans bowing to trains with Love Live! on them have caught the attention of Japanese Love Live! fans themselves, and some are admitting defeat.

Take a look and see for yourselves. Who's more loyal? Who deserves to be crowned most fanatical?

When it gets this far, I say call it a tie.

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