One luxury car salesman in China recently learned that you really should never judge a book by its cover. An ordinary looking middle-aged Chinese woman came into his luxury car show asking to see the newest models, but based on her appearance the salesman thought she was joking and ignored her. He was really in for a surprise at what happened next!

Feeling slighted, the woman yelled, "You don't think I have money? I'll show you!" She then opened the duffle bag she had been carrying. The bag was packed full of shiny gold bars. It stunned everyone around her.

She was quickly ushered into the VIP room and was given a detailed review of the new models. This Da-Ma eventually "settled" on a Bentley, priced at more than 800 thousand US dollars. However, she could only register to order the car because it is so new to the market.

The term Da-Ma in Chinese describes a certain middle-aged woman who is into buying and trading gold. All together, the purchases made by Chinese Da-Mas are said to have influenced gold prices in the world market.

According to the auto sales manager there, it's the first time he ever saw anyone using gold bars to buy a car, although he had heard of people buying houses with gold. He wondered if this Da-Ma was trying to exchange for another valuable commodity, the Bentley, because gold's price has been going down.

This certainly confirms that you can't judge a person by their looks!