Descendants of the Sun is such a phenomenal hit that fans' fervor for the drama has been described as "DOTS Fever. " We've reported on fans taking DOTS-inspired wedding photos, traveling to exotic filming locations, and even skipping shopping online to concentrate on the drama.  And now, a Chinese man has tried to copy Jin Goo's car kiss, but with a very unlucky result. We have a photo of the unfortunate aftermath. Take a look.

According to a Chinese news report, a man was driving with his girlfriend in the car when he suddenly leaned over to kiss her. Unfortunately, he crashed his car into a tree and ended up with 5 stitches in his head. Why did he do it?

Apparently it's DOTS Fever at work! According to the Nanjing Transportation Police, who posted the photo to Weibo social media, the unlucky man's girlfriend was watching Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won's car kiss at the time, and he was suddenly inspired to make the disastrous move. His car veered off and ended up crashing.

Here's how Jin Goo did it in episode 13:

Obviously, Alpha Team "Wolf" Chief Master Sergeant Seo doesn't fail at anything!

Chinese netizens aren't sympathetic at all toward the injured driver, and have commented, "It's all lies in a drama," and "Jin Goo was on automatic pilot."

Too bad for the romantic driver, but the car kiss has helped Hyundai Motor receive an increased interest in its Genesis sedan that can drive by itself with lane-keeping and cruise-control functions.

How about you? Do you have DOTS Fever? Have you done anything special because of Descendants of the Sun?


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