Raising awareness for a cause is done in all sorts of different ways. The end goal is always of course to do just that—raise awareness. Since that's the case, it definitely can be said that this Chinese campaign to raise breast cancer awareness was a major success.

"What in the world is going on?" That thought must have gone through the minds of all the passers-by as they walked past the stage and the commotion around it. Two middle-aged men doing jump rope. Nothing odd about that, except these men had no shirts on and were wearing bras! Now, that is quite a sight, one that would make anyone wonder what the whole spectacle was about.

These two balding men donned bras and jumped rope to raise awareness for breast cancer. Very admirable, if you ask me. Not only are they making people aware, they're also putting themselves in a woman's shoes, or a woman's bra, for that matter, and trying to feel what a woman must feel when she jumps rope.

Raising awareness is always a great thing. As long as people get talking, it's all good.

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