Many young Chinese are either staying single or delaying their marriage plans. The parents are so concerned for their children of marriageable age that they are doing everything they can to help move the process forward. After a recent weekend packed with matchmaking meetings, a young woman posted the secret notes written by her mother, and it has resonated among netizens of her same generation.

The young woman has just spent a long holiday weekend meeting marriageable suitors.

The concerned mom carefully noted the date, the potential prospects, physical features such as height, assets (car or house), profession, hobbies, and even temperament. She gave each man a score based on her ratings.

Netizens have been quick to comment that the mother is a loving mom. Many of them discussed whether they agreed with the mother's scoring system, while some actually said they'd take over the "losers" who didn't seem that bad.

Such a mom is often referred to as a "helicopter mom," but it probably doesn't hurt to have someone on your side to give your a second opinion, as long as you can make an independent decision.

The trending news item can't help but remind drama viewers of the funny new webdrama, Go Ho's Starry Night.

In the very cute romcom, Girls' Generation Yuri plays Go Ho, a 29-year-old aspiring advertising professional who works for a bad-tempered manager, played by the very handsome Kim Young Kwang. As the story begins, she has been dumped by her former boyfriend who now comes back like a nightmare to be her new manager. There are also other unusual or unique specimen of the male gender roaming in her office world.

Go Ho also moonlights as a writer without much success. When she hits on the idea to profile and give a star rating to the men in her life, her articles become instantly popular. Coincidentally, she finds herself being pursued by 5 potential suitors, including a hot young playboy, played by Shin Jae Ha

Does her star-rating system turn out to be accurate? Which man will win her heart? (A happy ending is guaranteed, if you haven't watched it yet.)


Go Ho's Starry Night

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Do you ever rank or assign a score to the men you meet?

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