"Will you save me or your mother?" This kind of question is sometimes asked by one's significant other using drowning as the scenario. In the recent National Judiciary Exam held in China, exam takers were asked a similar question in the case of a fire. You see, in China, it is a crime not to save one's parent. So what is the correct answer?

In the popular drama The Virtual Bride, 3 couples face 3 different situations where the man has to weigh opposing interests to choose between his mother or his sweetheart. Whatever his choice, he might raise the ire of the other side, but at least he wouldn't commit a criminal offense and go to jail.

In China, the law stipulates that a son is obligated to save his mother.

In the recently held National Judiciary Exam, perspective lawyers and judges were faced with this tricky question:

"If there is a fire, who would you choose to save, your mother or your girlfriend?"

After the exam, the Ministry of Justice published the correct answer: "Save your mother first."

A legal expert explained that one has a moral responsibility, not a legal one, to save the girlfriend. So if your girlfriend died because you saved your mother, you have not committed a crime. However, if you do not save your mother, you will be committing a crime of non-action. 

In other words, move fast if you want to save them both, but always save your mother first.

The usually vocal Chinese netizens jumped into a surging social media discussion with such insightful comments as the following:

"Girlfriends may change, but you only have one mother. So of course you save your mother."

"A girlfriend is younger and can try to save herself, so of course you should save the mother first."

"All people's lives should be equal and should be treated equally by the law."

What do you think?

If you are the one facing a dire situation, who would you save first?

If you are the mother or the girlfriend, what do you think about the answer?

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