sexyshapes Chinese netizens have been circulating this image around the web, joking about the changes in the standards of male sex appeal and predicting what will come in 2035. Wait, seriously? Let us lead you through the timeline: 1990: "The Waist Line" - It used to be about the structure of the waist in proportion to the shoulders. Pant waist is pretty high by today's standards. 2013: "The Mermaid Line" - All the buzz online right now. It is known as the male version of women's cleavage. The two defining lines near the hips that so many men have like Lee Byung Hun here - and which many of these Korean actors who should never wear a shirt also have. Lee-Byung-Hun1 2025: "The Groin Line' - Well, essentially everything must be hanging out at this point as waistlines get lower and lower. The little character on the bottom of the graphic is exclaiming "THIS IS TOOOO MUCH!" What do you think? Are you happy with the trends? (souces: