What if you see you parents 20 years from now, how will you react? This Chinese PSA (public service announcement) video has reverberated and evoked strong feelings among millions of viewers in China. Through the use of makeup, parents were made to look 20 years older. Their adults children were then led to see their aged parents. The video recorded their stunned and touching reactions.

Twenty years can mean the difference between youthful looks and elderly appearance.

She says she feels like she is looking at her grandfather:

She says to her mother, "Don't get old."  

She also says that her father has already passed, and she wouldn't know what she'd do without her mother.

The 46-year old mother has kidney cancer, and she admits that she puts up a strong face in front of other people but she knows her health is in decline.

This mother says to her daughter: "Your grandmother is my future. I am your future."

She apologizes for blowing her temper just now, and bursts into tears:

Here's the video:

The touching PSA was made to remind children about showing gratitude to their parents now, not later, because time won't wait. Don't wait till it's too late.

Near the end of the video, these quiet verses appeared from a famous song, When You Are Old, by Chinese lyricist and singer Zhao Zhao:

When you are old

When the hair has turned grey

You feel sleepy and dazed

When you are old

When you can't walk anymore

Dozing off beside the fireplace

You reminisce your youth

Even though the PSA is made for Chinese audience, don't you think non-Chinese viewers would also appreciate and feel touched by the same poignant message?

~ NancyZdramaland