A new tradition has started in China, and it's for a happy furry occasion. Some Chinese pet owners were able to help their pets move from living together to officially married status in the first-ever canine mass wedding ceremony held in China.

The weather was perfect for a beautiful wedding, and the brides and grooms were ready for their "puptials." The pets were first chaperoned and driven in sedans to the wedding site. Many were dressed in appropriate wedding attire for the joyous occasion.

Say "I Do."

In all, 21 pairs of dogs were married.

One pet owner said that her dog couple have been living together for over 2 years, and she felt she owed them a wedding.

The sponsor of the event hoped that the owners will retain lovely memories from this happy event and also wanted to promote better care of the pets by increasing awareness of how important pets are to people's lives.

The married dogs received a wedding certificate too. Did they sign with paw prints?

May the new couples enjoy their happy married life forever and ever!

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