The influence of Hallyu wave and popular actor Lee Min Ho is so strong that the new Chinese reality show, To Have You On This Road, has adapted Lee's song, Love Motion, to be its theme song. As previously reported, Super Junior Heechul is the mysterious host in Korea as the show premiers in January. Other stars to appear on the show are: EXO's Tao, Miss A's Fei, and Kim Hee Sun and her husband, and you can see them in the MV.

To Have You On This Road takes three Chinese celebrity couples in real life, drops them in the unfamiliar surroundings in South Korea, and challenges them to solve problems. The first challenge is for the husbands to find their wives by telling them their wives had been kidnapped. In reality, the wives were sitting in a house waiting for them. However, the house was wired with multiple cameras and monitored by their mysterious host, Heechul

Here is the video for the Chinese version of Lee Min Ho's Love Motion. It has a very happy tune and the lyrics are actually pretty similar in expressing happiness and love. The Chinese celebrity couples are: Olympic gold medalist diver-turned-entertainer Tiang Liang with actress wife Ye Yiqian; actor Julian Cheung with his wife, actress Anita Yuen; and actor He Ziming with his wife, singer He Jie.

Do you like their version of Love Motion? To compare, you can find Lee Min Ho's own rendition HERE.

It's interesting that Kim Hee Sun is the actress who starred opposite Lee Min Ho in the popular historical drama series, Faith. She will make an appearance with her husband in the new reality show, as seen in the MV.

The reality show is a Chinese-Korean joint production and premiers on January 10 on Zhejiang Television in China.