A restaurant in Chongqing, China has come up with a promotion to attract diners. A customer can get a discount based on his or her weight. However, the discount rule is different between male and female customers.

The restaurant's discount promotion says a male customer's discount is determined by how much he weighs. The heavier he is, the more discount. If a male customer weighs more than 140 kilos (or 308 pounds), then the meal is free for him.

However, a female customer has a different rule to follow. Her discount is based on how skinny she is. The less she weighs, the bigger the discount. She gets a free meal If she weighs under 34.5 kilos (or 76 pounds).

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Do you think it's fair to have such a different rule based on gender?

It seems to me if it were solely based on weight, regardless of gender, then I'd go along with it. But with the way it's stated now, I'd be upset if I didn't get the discount just because I have to follow a different set of requirements.