Apples are delicious, but nowhere is demand for them as high as they are in China right now, where some men are paying the equivalent of almost 20 US dollars just for one. Why so much money, you ask? The answer will have you shaking your head.

Taobao, the Chinese equivalent of eBay, has recently seen a surge in the listing of apples. This fact alone may not be that big of a deal, but some online shoppers are paying almost 130 yuan, or roughly 20 dollars for one! To raise some cash to help students realize their dreams, and also to make donations to a local old people’s home, the Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation started a campaign where attractive "air hostesses" would kiss apples and take pictures with them. What the lucky buyer would get is the apple itself, the photo for proof, and some information about the girl who kissed the apple. It comes in a little cardboard box, sometimes accompanied by a little toy and some candy for those who pay the big bucks. Hey, if someone's willing to pay, why not? Some apples are listed as having been kissed by over 500 flight attendants! (No proof of these claims are provided.)

Apparently though, the school has started to receive complaints from concerned citizens who see it as unethical for a vocational school to be involved in something like this. As seen in the photos below,  the flight attendants have been getting carried away, becoming more and more seductive with their poses. It  always starts out with just a little kiss...

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