Recently, a Chinese student was caught cheating off notes as she was taking the TOEFL test in Southern California. She had a unique way to carry in her cheat sheets, but apparently it wasn't quite clever enough to not get caught.

She was wearing a dress that day and her notes were written in tiny words all over her legs and inner thighs. She was eventually caught by the monitors and was immediately asked to leave the testing location. At first she denied cheating, but was confronted with irrefutable evidence.

Instead of apologizing and expressing remorse, she actually got angry and kept saying, "Everyone does this in China." The test monitor asked her to retrieve her personal items and leave. The young woman even yelled, "If I lose anything, will you compensate me?" After she left, the rest of the test-taking students were admonished about cheating and were asked to take off their jackets and empty their pockets to prove that they were not carrying notes too.

This incident has angered many Chinese students who take tests honestly. Obviously there are cheaters everywhere, not just in China, but this particular student's behavior was really despicable and made the rest of the Chinese students feel embarrassed by her behavior.