Well, this is one way to save money, and another way to definitely break up with your girlfriend. A student in Shanghai's Songjiang University was spotted holding up a sign saying that he would share his girlfriend in exchange for cash so he could get the iPhone 6. 

The sign apparently read, "Girlfriend Sharing," and it said that he would rent out his girlfriend for 10 yuan an hour or 500 yuan per month. There were stipulations that came with the deal. The student said that you could go on dates with his girlfriend like meals and studying, but there could be "no funny business."

The man also gladly shared his girlfriend's information to anyone who was interested. It's important to note that the student also said his girlfriend was totally willing to be part of the scheme. Well, I definitely hope so because if she doesn't know about this, she might be really, really mad! 

[Photo credit: Weibo] 

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