Even though Fu Yuanhui has only won a bronze medal at Rio Olympics, the naturally charming swimmer is striking gold as a new media darling with her hilarious facial expression and responses during an interview. Find out why she has delighted fans not just in China but also in the rest of the world. Perhaps equally importantly, what does she think of her teammate, hot swimmer Ning Zetao, who is catching many eyes on DramaFever News.

When Fu Yuanhui swam in the preliminary round for the 100-m Backstrokes, she placed 3rd, but she didn't even know how fast she was until she was interviewed. The 20-year-old Olympian unintentionally became a star when her interview went viral.

Watch her extremely hilarious reaction in this English-subbed video:

About her 3rd place in the heat, she said, "I'm that fast? I'm very satisfied. ... I didn't hold back. I already used up all of my mystic powers!"

Isn't she cute? Her candid and funny expressions are so unlike the serious countenance that is more commonly seen on Chinese athletes. She also breaks the mold of the gold-chasing image that is associated with the Olympics. Fans within and outside of China have simply fallen for her natural charms. 

Her sheer joy in simply having given her best in the competition is truly awesome and enjoyable to watch. No wonder her Weibo following has ballooned to over 4 million to date, and her name has become a hot search word.

She isn't just funny around the pool.

Take a look at her making a cute face at the podium: (That's Fu Yuanhui on the left.)

Within the Chinese-speaking world, the unusual phrase she used, "洪荒之力‬," loosely translated as "prehistoric forces" or "mystic powers," has also led to a fervent discussion online. It is actually an archaic phrase with its root in one of China's ancient books of wisdom, I Ching. Fans quickly surmised she picked it up from Wallace Huo's popular martial arts drama, The Journey of Flower, where the phrase was used. Chinese-English translators are also discussing how best to translate the phrase  Since this is my article, allow me to offer my translation: "Primordial Force." (Star Wars fans might simply call it "The Force.")

Chinese reporters are exerting all their forces to report more about the new star. For instance, they located her father to explain that his daughter would often make or say funny expressions as a way to "relieve stress." 

On the matters of romance, Yuanhui said in a 2015 interview, "I look for maturity and tolerance. I don't really know what my requirements should be because I've never fallen in love."

So, what does she think of Ning Zetao, the  eye-catching hottie who is attracting Olympic swimming fans just to check him out.

Yuanhui said, "He is not my type!" 

She explains, "He is not such a god for us athletes. He is certainly handsome, low-keyed, and mature, but he is like an older brother to me. I am a person with inner substance, so I look for substance more, but of course I want the good looks too."

Maybe Ning Zetao will grow up to be a better match for our beloved Yuanhui someday.

Here is another funny interview that took place immediately after she won the bronze in the final race for 100-m Backstrokes. She didn't know she had won 3rd place until she was told by the reporter. She came up with another funny explanation why she missed the silver by only 0.01 second: "Maybe my hands are too short."

Congratulations and best wishes to Fu Yuanhui, and let's hope we'll see more of her amazing swimming and interviews.

~ NancyZdramaland

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