China is going to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. Ten official theme songs were released by the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games Bid Committee to bolster China's bid. However, according to Chinese netizens, one of the songs is sounding too similar to "Let It Go" from Disney's animated film Frozen. Take a listen and tell us what you think.

Video #1: Here's "The Snow and Ice Dance" sung by Chinese singers Sun Nan and Tan Jing. 

The lyrics are written by writer-lyricist Wang Jiu Ping, and the song is composed by Zhao Zhao, a famous songwriter in China and a graduate of University of Southern California.

Video #2: Here is Frozen's "Let It Go."

What's really amazing is the reaction from China's internet users who spotted the similarities and quickly condemned the Chinese song as plagiarism. Some have lamented why there is any need to copy since China has many excellent songwriters.

Some ingenious netizens even combined the two songs into a mashup by taking sections from both songs to compare and show such similarities in music, tempo, tune, and even the length. We have one for you here.

Video #3: When you watch this mashup, you'll see the lyrics from both songs. The lyrics are quite different as the Chinese one starts off with adoring the beautiful ice and snow, and eventually praises the world as one family and wishing for world peace. When "冰雪舞动" is displayed on the upper left, it means the segment that's playing is from the Chinese song.

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Do you think the Chinese song is an original work or a knockoff?

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