A woman in Shilong, China recently made headlines for single-handedly dismantling an ATM with her bare hands after the machine would not give her any funds. 

Before I acknowledge that beating up an ATM is not a smart thing to do. I would like to pause and say that almost everyone has at least thought about punching a cash machine, especially if it takes your card for no reason or won't give you any money. 

With that being said, let's all try and go through our lives without going to an ATM and getting all Incredible Hulk on it. According to reports, the woman was at the Jinshawan Shopping Mall, and after she wasn't able to get any money out of the ATM, she started dismantling the plastic exterior of the machine. 

Then she promptly ripped out the ATM's computer display. Even though the pictures of the incident show the woman to be fairly small, I'm pretty convinced that she might be the strongest person in the world. 

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