Decades ago, Chinese women did not shave their armpits. Ever since the introduction of images of women with clean-shaven underarms, modern Chinese women have been shaving or plucking their underarms. However, there is a recent reverse trend where young women are not only not shaving their armpits, but they are also showing off selfies of their hairy armpits.

Apparently there is an online competition called 'Girls not plucking their armpit hair' that encourages women to keep their body hair and not conform to conventional social norms, and young Chinese women are answering their call by flocking to post selfies of their hairy underarms at the Weibo social media site

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Is it a new trend, or is it a resurgence of old tradition? Beautiful and elegant Chinese actress Tang Wei was asked by world renowned movie director Ang Lee not to shave her underarms for 8 months prior to filming the R-rated Lust, Caution, set in WWII Shanghai. The result led to a wave of heated discussion when the movie was released, among other topics raised by the intense drama.

Here's Tang Wei in Lust, Caution where you can hear the beautiful actress sing a tender love song and also see her natural armpits.

While Tang Wei's authentic performance with hairy armpits was filmed to match the customary female convention depicted in the period drama, the recent social media wave seems to be in support of a worldwide trend where young women are ditching razors and posting selfies of unshaven armpits and legs as a challenge to social norms.

(photo credits to weibo, dailymail, appledaily)