So it seems "Faceless Friday" is a thing now — at least in China. Have you ever been so tired of putting on a fake smile for your boss or customers that you wish you could effortlessly stifle all your emotions behind a blank wall? Well, apparently this problem is so common in China that employers have decided to give workers a break — from the exhausting work of hiding their emotions, that is.

As part of their monthly relaxation day, staff at a property service company in Handan in northern China’s Hebei province were permitted to wear a mask all day so that they didn't have to be worried about revealing unpleasant thoughts through their facial expressions. Everyone, from janitors to managers, is permitted to mask their emotion for the day.

Many employees wore the black-and-white expressionless mask of the character No Face from the popular animated film Spirited Away in order to encourage uniformity and anonymity. 

What do you think of this trend? Is it creepy and slightly sad or a good idea to help employees relax? 

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