Goblin's Lee Dong Wook and Stranger (Secret Forest)'s Cho Seung Woo, stars from two of the most acclaimed dramas last year, are teaming up in a new series written by Stranger's writer. Find out more about the exciting news!

Writer Lee Soo Yeon stunned the drama world when her debut script turned into Stranger (Secret Forest), which became tvN's top rated series in 2017. She is switching genres in her next project. The new drama, titled Life, is a medical drama set in a big hospital's emergency center.

Cho Seung Woo will play the chief director who oversees the operations at the emergency center. Fans will expect the same level of powerful performance from the leading man, who went through a forest of secrets in Stranger to uncover complex intrigues.

On the other hand, Lee Dong Wook, the Reaper in Goblin, will now play a medical specialist who saves lives at the emergency center. There is no information about his specialty yet, but would you be surprised if it has something to do with the heart?

Life will be the first drama for the two popular actors after Stranger and Goblin, respectively. 

The new drama will be broadcast later in 2018. The exact date is not announced yet.

Don't be disappointed if you are a Stranger fan who was hoping for a season 2. Writer Lee has promised to write the sequel after Life is completed. In the meantime, the much praised Stranger (Secret Forest) has been recommended by the New York Times as one of the best international TV shows of 2017. It's a fantastic binge!


Stranger (Secret Forest)

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Aren't you excited by the new drama? 

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