You may have heard over the news that yogurt giant Chobani has recalled some of its Greek yogurt cups that were affected by mold. The move was spurred on by the FDA as increasing reports of customer illness rolled in.

Well then, while we wait for Chobani to sort that out, I can point you to some delicious and healthy other yogurt products from Asia!

1. Calpico

The Japanese beverage has a creamy, yogurt-y taste to it, and comes in various different flavors. They even come in Hello Kitty packaging!

2. Naipis

Naipis is a popular Taiwanese yogurt drink similar to Calpico. It also comes in many different flavors. You gotta try the strawberry one!

3. Milkis

This is one of my favorite Korean soft drinks! Made by the conglomerate Lotte, Milkis contains milk and yogurt powder, sugar, and carbonation. It's like a fizzy, creamy, fruity (if you buy the flavored ones) soda! You'll have to try it to believe it!

4. Yakult

Obviously no yogurt list is complete without Yakult! The Japanese probiotic dairy product is made by fermenting a mixture of skimmed milk with a special strain of bacteria. Yakult can be mixed into nearly anything! Many bubble tea chains offer Yakult flavored drinks, and Koreans even mix it with soju to make yogurt cocktail soju with it (it's absolutely delicious!). I like to eat it's like a popsicle!

5. Frozen Yogurt

Okay, this one's not really a drink but tart frozen yogurt stores first popped up in South Korea (eg, Red Mango) before migrating to the US. Now they're hugely popular worldwide, and they're better for you than most other frozen desserts too! Chains like Red Mango use natural, nonfat & lowfat, kosher, and gluten-free frozen yogurt fortified with probiotics. Yum!