We just gave you a list of Korean actors who were likely to leave for military service soon, and, sure enough, one of them is already gone! Choi Daniel's agency revealed that the actor quietly entered Nonsan training camp on October 2 to begin his military service, joining the many other celebrities who enlisted this year.

Choi Daniel's sudden enlistment may have come as a surprise, but the actor has been preparing for his military service for a while. He was initially assigned to be a public service worker due to an ankle injury, but he decided to undergo additional treatment in hopes of serving as an active duty soldier (and avoiding netizen backlash). In spite of this treatment, he still didn't pass the physical examination and is serving as a public service worker at his doctor's recommendation.

Each branch of the Korean military has different enlistment periods. As a public service worker, Choi Daniel will finish his enlistment in 24 to 36 months.

Good luck, Choi Daniel! We will definitely miss him! You can ease your sadness over his leaving by watching his romantic comedy Baby-Faced Beauty below:

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