Choi Ji Woo will stay labelmates with PSY, BIGBANG and Gu Hye Sun!

The Hallyu queen and YG Entertainment mutually agreed on management and a vision for the future, so she decided to renew her contract. Following her recent remarks about maintaining long working relationships, Choi plans to stick it out with the YGFamily as well. In addition to her 20-year relationship with her stylist, she is also well acquainted with her managers too. "All of my managers have worked with me for over 10 years. I heard that I do get along well with YG Entertainment since I joined the company. I want to move forward together with the agency and try to fit better with it.”

Since moving to YG a couple of years ago, Choi Ji Woo has continued her successful career in Korean shows like Temptation, Grandpas Over Flowers, and Twenty Again. She showed off electric chemistry with Marriage Contract star Lee Seo Jin in the reality cooking series Three Meals A Day. You may remember seeing her last week at the movie screening of Like For Likes. It was her big return to the silver screen after a seven-year hiatus.

I have been a fan of Choi Ji Woo since her Winter Sonata days. I look forward to the amazing projects she has in store for fans in the future! Will her labelmate PSY collaborate with her on a future project?


Twenty Again

Starring Choi Ji Woo and Kim Min Jae

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