Choi Ji Woo has officially accepted the lead role in tvNs upcoming series Twenty Again. The 40-year-old actress will play a wife and mother who decides to go back to college and pursue her dreams.

In Twenty Again (formerly titled Our Heaven), Choi Ji Woo plays Ha No Ra, a 38-year-old woman who dreamed of being a dancer in high school, but she met her husband and had a child at 19. She lives as a devoted wife and mother for years until she finally decides to go back to school in 2015, entering the same university her son attends. 

So far, the plot descriptions sound like she will be acting her own age, not going undercover as a young student. The series is also described as a romantic comedy, but it's unclear how romance will play out if she's already married at the beginning of the series.

According to the drama's producers, "Choi Ji Woo has always played diverse roles in her range of dramas. We thought that she was the perfect one to play the bold and bright Ha No Ra. Fans can definitely look forward to what Choi Ji Woo’s second chance as a 20 year old will look like."

Twenty Again will be written by So Hyun Kyung, the writer behind hits like 49 Days, Two Weeks, Shining Inheritance, and Prosecutor Princess. The director is Kim Hyun Sik, who previously worked with Choi Ji Woo on Suspicious Housekeeper. The series will finish casting the male characters in the next few weeks, and the drama is set to premiere at the end of August following the conclusion of Oh My Ghostess.

What do you think of this casting? Are you looking forward to this series? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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