After a year of speculation on when Choi Jin Hyuk would be enlisting in the military, his time has finally come. Now that Pride and Prejudice has come to an end, the 28-year-old actor will be leaving for military service in March. He recently shared some of his regrets about not going earlier.

In a recent interview, the  said, “If I say I’m not sad to go, it’s a lie. I’m sad, but I know everyone has to go. It’s embarrassing that I’m going so late because of work. I’m worried about going. I know that new soldiers who will be serving with me will be around ten years younger than me, and am wondering if I’ll be able to form relationships with them. I bet they’ll be uncomfortable to have me around.” 

In fact, Choi revealed that he initially planned to leave for military service at age 19, but he received an acting opportunity instead. Then, after he announced his plans to enlist last year, he has bad several back-to-back roles that pushed back his military service once again. 

He mused, "If I went to the military [at 19], maybe I’ll be more focused and relaxed while working, and not worrying about other things. But then I also realized if I really served military that time, I may not have ended up where I am now.” He also said in the interview that during his recent leading role in Pride and Prejudice, he often felt stress because he was thinking about how much he would miss acting during his military service.

It's always sad to see our favorite actors leave for two years, but Choi Jin Hyuk is heading out on a high note. Just this past year, he followed up his 2013 performance in Heirs with leading roles in Emergency Couple and Pride and Prejudice, and he also played the second male lead in Fated to Love You. He was nominated in the Best Actor and "Boldest Moment" in the 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards, sponsored by Toyota.

Best of luck to Choi Jin Hyuk in his military enlistment! We're sure he will have no trouble making friends! In the meantime, you can always get your Choi Jin Hyuk by marathoning Emergency Couple: