Heirs star Choi Jin Hyuk sat down for a recent interview where he revealed his true age. For three years the actor aged himself by an entire year just to keep himself stress-free. When asked how it felt to turn 30, he revealed to everyone that he’s actually turning 29 on February 9th! You'll be surprised to find out why.

Choi Jin Hyuk was actually born in 1986, not 1985 as stated by many online information sources. During his school days, because his birthday fell in the month of February, he was always in classes with kids who were one year older than him. Supposedly it’s common practice in Korea for children born before March 1st to be placed in classes with students one year older than them. Because of this Choi Jin Hyuk was always mistreated by the older classmates; he said they even made him kneel before them! After getting into fights and dealing with mistreatment even during college he had had enough.

Three years ago he decided to just say he was born in 1985 to avoid the stress and trauma of it all. Personally, if I were him I would have aged myself a year also; in fact I would have done it after the first beat down. The fact he aged himself I don’t find to be a big deal, but to be totally honest, I thought he was going to say he was born in like 1979 or somewhere around that year. He just looks older than he is, which by the way isn't a bad thing. He’s very handsome and refined looking like Park Shi Hoo oppa even though no one really knows his true age either, but that’s like a crazy mystery on it’s own which we can attempt to solve another day.

But what do you think? If you were in Choi Jin Hyuk’s situation, would you age yourself too?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE