This summer’s tvN drama I Need Romance was the first time I found myself wanting to slap the lead actress for picking the wrong guy. I know the whole story about the second male syndrome, but couldn’t Choi Jin-hyuk beat the curse and get the girl? He was clearly the better choice! He was charismatic, adorable, successful with a hot bod to boot! But, alas, you can’t get around that darn curse.

To appease my anguish, Choi will be back on SBS’s upcoming daily drama My Daughter the Flower with Lee Ji-hoon, Jin Sae-yeon and Sohn Eun-suh. The drama is about the relationship between a mother and daughter, who share no blood relation. Jin Sae-yeon plays the daughter, whose name Kkot-nim (Flower) is a play on the drama title; she works at a rehab hospital.

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