Kdrama fans alert! Popular Korean actor Choi Jin Hyuk (Tunnel, Heirs) has a new romantic drama coming to DramaFever. The hot leading man will deal with a rare form of memory loss in Devilish Joy. Find out all about the new drama including his new leading lady, the cast, and more here!

Choi Jin Hyuk plays Gong Ma Sung, a genius doctor and a successor to the Sunwoo Company. Life seems to be going well until he gets into a car accident while trying to help a woman. The unfortunate accident resulted in a particular ailment - He now suffers from memory loss where his memory lasts only a day. Ma Sung then meets Joo Gi Bbeum (Song Ha Yoon), a formerly well-known actress, and falls in love.

Can you imagine how he'll handle his everyday life when his memory lasts for only one day? How will he date, for instance?

Song Ha Yoon (Fight My Way, Swedish Laundry) plays the actress whose new love interest may not remember her the next day.

Infinite's Hoya (aka Lee Ho Won) plays Sung Ki Joon, who competes with Ma Sung. The popular Kpop singer-actor debuted in acting in Answer Me 1997 and has since added dramas such as My Lovely Girl, Mask, and Radiant Office to his portfolio.

Lee Joo Yeon (Saimdang: Light's Dairy) joins the leading cast as Lee Ha Im, an A-list actress and the only child of a rich family.

Interestingly, the title Devilish Joy is a play on the combined Korean names of the two lead characters: Ma Sung means Devilish and Gi Bbeum means Joy.

The new romanticcomedy started filming in late May. Here are photos from the initial script reading:

Check out this teaser:

Devilish Joy is slated to premier on September 5.

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Devilish Joy

Starring Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ha Yoon

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Are you excited to see Choi Jin Hyuk in Devilish Joy? I know I am.

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