Incredibly hot and talented actor Choi Jin Hyuk turns 29 (Korean age 30) on February 9, and he is apparently in a mad dash to work as much as possible before he reports to military service in March. He is a vampire in a new Japanese movie, and he'll also meet his fans on Valentine's Day (but not as a vampire).

Ever since Choi Jin Hyuk's break-out role as a gumiho who sacrificed his life for love in Gu Family Book, his star has been rising high. In the past year, he completed Emergency Couple, which just won Best Korean Drama in the Third Annual DramaFever Drama Awards, romance drama Fated to Love You, and legal drama Pride and Prejudice. Unfortunately, he is scheduled to start his military service in March this year, and we won't see him for a while.

Therefore, it's actually exciting to hear that Choi Jin Hyuk is busy working as much as he can so that fans will have something to look forward to while he is in the military. His agency revealed on February 2 that he plays a vampire named Mike in an upcoming Japanese film called Love♡Vampire.  

Since Choi has already played a mystical gumiho creature, the vampire role is right up his alley. He said, "When I received the script I was reminded of Gu Wol Ryung from Gu Family Book. I did not think it would be difficult to play a vampire since I already acted as a character that uses supernatural powers and I transformed as Gu Wol Ryung did. I hope I can show a new side of me in the vampire role."

See Choi Jin Hyuk as a mystical gumiho in Gu Family Book:

The Japanese movie is about a vampire who falls in love with a human, and it has a multinational cast with Japanese stars Kiritani Mirei and Totsuka Shota in the leading roles, Choi Jin Hyuk from Korea, Eken Chang from Hong Kong, and Teresa Meng of Taiwan, who is currently starring in Aim High on DramaFever.

Love♡Vampire is slated to premiere on April 17 in Japan, and by then Choi Jin Hyuk would already be in active duty. We hope that he will serve his country well and come back soon to give us more fun dramas. Human or non-human roles are both desired. In the meantime, lucky Taiwanese fans will see Choi Jin Hyuk on Valentine's Day in a fan meet. 

Do you want to see Choi Jin Hyuk as a vampire? Which of his dramas will you watch or watch again while waiting for him to return?

~ NancyZdramaland

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