gufamilybook Gu Family Book's initial gumiho, Choi Jin Hyuk reveals the pains behind transforming into a gumiho. In order to turn into a gumiho, he had to go under special effects makeup that takes almost 4 hours of his day. The actor commented, "Since the first time I had to undergo special effects make up, the time had shortened. But today was the day I resurrect as the thousand-year-evil-spirit and it took about 4 hours again." The actor also revealed some of the other difficulties, "Because of the nails, I can barely eat. I can't even go to the bathroom without the help of my manager. There are a lot of difficulties when I transform as a gumiho." Choi Jin Hyuk also expressed his gratitude to the staff members who were patient with him even though he had required a lot of hands. He said, "Many people suffer when I appear (on the drama as gumiho). The director told me that later on staff members would not like it when I had to come on and I think a lot of people have a hard time as well." Meanwhile, Wol Ryung, played by Choi Jin Hyuk, has made a comeback as an evil spirit out to destroy what he had created. (Source: Nate)