choijinhyukChoi Jin Hyuk is unable to escape Seo Hwa's charms! Playing the part of a charming gumiho, Choi Jin Hyuk recently revealed two pictures via Twitter, asking fans to watch the newest drama series, Gu Family Book. Choi Jin Hyuk tweeted, "Did everyone sleep well? I couldn't sleep well because I'm still very nervous. I think I will be watching the second episode of Gu Family Book with dark circles coming down to my knees tonight. The title of the picture is 'scruffy Wol Ryung' who is missing Seo Hwa. And it is the back shot of scruffy Wol Ryung. Let's all watch the second episode tonight at 9:55pm!" Still very immersed in his drama role, Choi Jin Hyuk has his hands on the television with a heartbroken look while watching Lee Yeon Hee on the screen. Did everyone get to watch the second episode of Gu Family Book yet? What did you think? (Source: