For those of you wishing for Choi Jin Hyuk to be the lead in his own drama after falling in love with him in Heirs, the good new is that he and Song Ji Hyo will become a romantic pairing in the upcoming year. Both actors have been confirmed to be a part of the cast for tvN Emergency Couple.

Choi Jin Hyuk will take on the role of an ideal student who falls head-over-heels for Oh Jin Hee (played by Song Ji Hyo) and marries her despite the strong opposition from his family. After grueling years of being married to one another and then divorcing, they meet again as co-interns in the emergency room.

Emergency Couple is garnering much anticipation as Choi Jin Hyuk is known for his past roles as a romantic lover and his ability to digest those roles, in addition to the expected chemistry between the two actors. The drama is set to release its first episode in late January following tvN's hit drama series, Answer Me 1994.