Pride and Prejudice recently released a teaser introducing the individual cast members, but now we get a better look at the full cast with these new ensemble posters. Take a look:

This first poster goes along with the shadowy feel of the individual character posters. These prosecutors mean business! 

Next, we have a fragmented image that makes it look like a tense thriller. Doesn't it kind of look like the posters for the J-drama Perfect Insider?

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Finally, we have two posters of the cast crowded into an elevator. Something tells me that someone will end up with a black eye before they hit the top floor. My money is on Baek Jin Hee throwing the first punch.

The tagline on all four posters is the same, and it reads "I become a prosecutor three months before the statute of limitations." This statement almost definitely refers to Baek Jin Hee's character, who will be the rookie prosecutor on the team.

So what do you think of these posters? Which cast member are you most excited to see in action? Pride and Prejudice premieres October 27. Due to licensing restrictions, it will only be available to Premium users. You can sign up for new episode alerts HERE.