choijinsildaughter Choi Jin Shil's daughter, Choi Jun Hee, started her own broadcast on Afreeca TV, a popular online individual broadcasting site where many Korean ulzzangs participate to get their names out to the public. During these broadcasts, the BJs (broadcasting jockey) talk about various topics such as sports, music, and even food. Throughout her first broadcast, Choi Jun Hee told, "I enjoy watching game broadcasts such as Minecraft," and "I think I will be frequently camera broadcasting." She also showed a family picture of her mother and grandmother. What made her broadcast that much more of an event was the fact that Choi Jin Shil, a nationally beloved actress, had committed suicide back in 2008 and this was the first time in years that her daughter had made a public appearance. Jun Hee's personal channel is called 'Ji-r-Eu-Nyo Broadcasting' and is working under the username, 'Ji-Eu-Nyo'). As her profile's main picture, she uses a recent picture of her and her older brother, Choi Hwan Hee. Although the intentions might be harmless, there were negative comments directed towards Choi Jin Shil, who committed suicide, as well as towards Choi Jun Hee. Supporters were worried that these scrutinizing comments would take a toll on the young Choi Jun Hee. The majority of the supporting comments told her to stay away from broadcasting to hide herself from negative and harsh comments. (Source: Nate)