choikanghee Choi Kang Hee recently attempted to extinguish the rumors surrounding her recent on-screen lover, Joo Won. The quirky actress said during a radio interview that she has been asked a lot recently if she's in a relationship with Joo Won. Choi Kang Hee refuted the claim, all the while showing her appreciation: "Joo Won is like my younger sister. Even those who do not click with men click with Joo Won. He has a lot of aegyo but it's not uncomfortable. He can't even lie well." However, she continued to praise Joo Won as she added, "He is the most honest, unlike any of the other male actors I've met. (Because I find good in him) people keep asking me if we are dating." Despite all denials from the actress, netizens who heard this interview, on and off the record, all agreed and said that the way Choi Kang Hee gazes over at Joo Won is very suspicious. Whatever the truth may be, Choi Kang Hee (as Kim Seo Won) and Joo Won (as Han Gil Ro) are a delight to watch in Level 7 Civil Servant and the undeniable synergy between the two definitely brought out a refreshing twist to the otherwise very serious drama! What do you guys think? Are they suspicious? Or will you ship them anyways? (Source: